Flag of the Eastern Sahara

  • Official Name: Republic of Eastern Sahara
  • General Name: Eastern Sahara
  • Demonyn: East Saharan
  • Demonyn Plural: East Saharans
  • Government Type: Democratic Federal Presidential Republic
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Current President: Ahmed Shafik
  • Vice President: Kamal Gonzouri
  • National Anthem: Bilady, Bilady, Bilady (My Country, My Country, My country)
  • National Motto: Freedom is Everything


Governorate Capital Governorate Capital
Al Jazirah Al Jazirah Matruh Mersa Matruh
Al Qadarif Al Qadarif Minya Minya
Alexandria Alexandria Monufia Monufia
Aswan Aswan New Valley Kharga
Asyut Asyut North Darfur Al-Ubayyid
Beheria Damanhur North Kurdufan Al-Fashir
Beni Suef Beni Suef North Sinai Arish
Blue Nile Ad Damazin Northern Sudan Dongola
Cairo Cairo Port Said Port Said
Central Darfur Zalingei Qalyubia Banha
Dakahlia Mansura Qena Qena
Damietta Damietta Red Sea Hurghada
East Darfur Ed Daein River Nile Ad-Damir
Faiyum Faiyum Sharqia Zagazig
Gharbia Tanta Sennar Sennar
Giza Giza Sohag Sohag
Ismailia Ismailia South Darfur Nyala
Kassala Kassala South Kurdufan Kaduqli
Kafr el-Sheikh Kafr el-Sheikh South Sinai El-Tor
Khartoum Khartoum Suez Suez
Luxor Luxor West Darfur Geneina

Foreign Relations

Key Ally Nations

  • Allied States of America
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

Enemy Nations

  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Southern Sudan

International Relations

  • United Nations Member
  • Arab League Member
  • African Union Member

Basic Information

Aswan Street R01

Typical street in Aswan

  • Population 2012: 107,548,427
  • Area Total: 2,888,518 km2
  • Largest City: Cairo
  • Car Owners: 89%
  • Internet Users: 75%



  • Cars (China, Greater Korean Republic, Middle East, Allied States)
  • Electronics (Greater Korean Republic, China, Allied States)
  • Fruit (Africa, Europe)
  • Grains (Europe, China)
  • Petroleum and Fuels (Middle East)
  • Medicine (Europe, North America)


  • Cars (Middle East)
  • Natural Gas and Fuels (North America, Europe, Asia)
  • Textiles, Cotton (North America, Europe)
  • Grains, Maize, Wheat (Middle East, North America, Europe)
  • Steel, Ceramics and Metal (Europe, North America, Asia)

Top Fives

  • Most Deaths Caused by:
    1. Disease
    2. Injuries/Accidents
    3. Crime
    4. Natural Disasters
    5. Drug Use
  • Most Frequent Vehicles:
    1. Toyota
    2. Mitsibushi
    3. Lada
    4. Geely

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