Four Corners Republic Demographics


Offical Name: Four Corners Republic

General Name: Four Corners

Citizen Adjective: Cornerson

Adjective Plural: Cornersons

Abbreation: FCR, FC, FCr, 4CR, 4C, 4Cr

Goverment Type: Utopian Democracy

National Capital: Four Corners City, Four Corners City District

Current President: Mark Synthins

National Anthem: Four Corners of Liberty

National Motto: Quattuor sunt aequales in uno et pacem. (We are four as one together in equality and peace.)



  1. Utah
  2. Colorado
  3. Arizona
  4. New Mexico


  1. Four Corners City District

Foreign Relations

Key Ally Nations:

  • France
  • Palima (until 2016)
  • Minora
  • Salatoria
  • Puerto Rico
  • Haiti
  • Cyprus
  • Brazil
  • New United States
  • New Canada
  • Britain
  • Austrailia
  • Superior
  • Virginia
  • South Korea
  • Mexico
  • China(since 2027)
  • All Members of the Global Peace Orginization

Enemy Nations

  • Sudan
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • South Sudan
  • Cuba
  • Mongolia(since 2029)
  • Palima (2016-89)

Basic Information

Population: 18,361,280

Largest City: Phoneix, Arizona


Most Devasting Natrual Disasters: None

Largest War Involved In: Upper North American War

Date of Founding: September 5, 2014

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