Demographics of the Greater Korean Republic

  • Flag of Unified Korea

    Flag of the Greater Korean Republic

    Official Name: Greater Korean Republic
  • Official Abbreviations: GKR, Korean Republic, and Greater Korea
  • Demonyn: Korean
  • Goverment Type: Semi-presidential republic
  • National Capital: Seoul

​Foreign Relations

Key Ally Nations

  • Allied States of America
  • United Commonwealths of America

Enemy Nations

  • China
  • Russia


  • United Nations
  • World Trade Organization

Basic Information

  • Atl city


    Population: 200,784,212
  • Area: 762,281
  • Largest city: Seoul



  • Oil (United Commonwealths of America)


  • Automobiles (Hyundai, Toyota, and Mistubishi)
  • Ships (Hyundai)
  • Electronics (Hyundai, Toyota, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.)

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