Denara Alinarys
Countess of Undast
Assumed office 11 February 2304
Predessecor None
Full name Denara "Battleborn" Angelika Alinarys
House House of Alinarys
Father Klemens Alinarys
Mother Helia Alinarys
Born 20 July 2274
Religion Viborgism

Denara "Battleborn" Angelika Alinarys, also Countess Denara, (born 20 July 2274) is the contitutional monarch of Undast. She has held this position since February 2304, when she proclaimed the independence of Undast.

Early life

She is the only surviving child of King Klemens Alinarys, who was ousted from the Solium during Gunnar's Rebellion. Denara's mother was sent to safety on Lerukon island just before the Sack of Kalum, and died giving birth to her during a great naval battle which wrecked the remaining Alinarys fleet, earning her the sobriquet Denara Battleborn. She lives in exile in Droro. Denara was sold into marriage to the Lerukese Vita Osgod; the two gradually fell in love