Denendeh State
Motto: -None-
Capital Yellowknife
Official languages English
Demonym Northwest Territorian
Legislature State Assembly
State of the Arctic Federation
• Total
1,346,106 km2 (519,734 sq mi) (3rd)
• 2011 estimate
41,426 (2nd)
• Density
0.031/km2 (0.1/sq mi) (2nd)
Currency Dollar (AFD)

Denendeh State is a constituent state of the Arctic Federation. With a recorded population of 41,462 in 2011, Denendeh is the second most populous state in the Arctic Federation. Yellowknife became the capital of the then Northwest Territories in 1967, following recommendations by the Carrothers Commission.

The Northwest Territories, a portion of the old North-West Territory, entered the Canadian Confederation July 15, 1870, but the current borders were formed April 1, 1999, when the territory was subdivided to create Nunavut to the east, via the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act. While Nunavut is mostly Arctic tundra, the Northwest Territories has a slightly warmer climate and is mostly boreal forest (taiga), although portions of the territory lie north of the tree line, and its most northern regions form part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Denendeh State is bordered by Nunavut to the east and Yukon to the west, and by the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the south.

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