Department of Defence of the United Republic of Brazil
Emblem of the Department of Defence
Agency overview
Formed June 24, 1985
Jurisdiction Federal Government
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, United Republic of Brazil
Annual budget $180 Billion (2012)
Agency executives Pedro Gonzalez, Minister of Defence
Jesus Cabral, Deputy Minister of Defence

The Department of Defence (Portuguese: Departamento da Defesa) of the United Republic of Brazil, is the civilian cabinet organization responsible for managing the Military of Brazil. It is headed by the Minister of Defence. The Department of Defence has three major components under its command structure - the Army Command, the Navy Command, and the Air Force Command. Other agencies operated by the Ministry of Defence are the National Civil Aviation Agency, the Infraero, and the Superior War School.

Organization & Structure

The Department of Defence heads three main components of the Brazilian military. Under these three sub-Departments, each controls the three main aspects of Brazilian war capabilities.

The Army Command controls the Army Corps of Brazil and other sub-agencies such as the Brazilian Special Forces and the Brazilian Elite Combat Unit.

The Navy Command maintains command over the Brazilian Navy, including its Coast Guard, which is a service branch within the Navy.

The Air Command holds authority over the Brazilian Air Force and its sub-agencies, the National Civil Aviation Agency, the Infraero and Brazil's missile stockpiles including nuclear and fusion weapons and the control of ICBMs.

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