Department of Energy
Agency overview
Formed 1974
Jurisdiction Republic of Atlion
Headquarters Dan Davis Building
740 West Commons
Luminaire, Atlion
Employees 14,115 federal employees
48,768 private contractors
Agency executive Dr. Soledad Campos, Secretary of Energy
Child agency Office of Nuclear Regulation
National Electrical Grid Management Agency

The Atlion Department of Energy is the Cabinet-level federal department responsible for government policies related to energy usage, the national electrical grid, and the handling and safekeeping of nuclear materials. Its responsibilities include energy conservation, clean energy research, nuclear waste disposal, and domestic energy production and regulation. The Department of Energy is headquartered at the Dan Davis Department of Energy Building in Luminaire, Atlion.


The Department of Energy was formed after the 1973 oil crisis by executive order. The order cited a need to consolidate and centralize energy policy and planning to prevent a rapid spike in energy prices akin to what occurred after the OAPEC embargo. The new department would not only regulate fossil fuel supply and planning, but also other energy industry-related functions, such as regulating civil electricity and nuclear materials.


The Department of Energy is administrated by the Atlion Secretary of Energy, appointed by the President of Atlion. The current Secretary of Energy is Soledad Campos. The Energy Secretary is assisted in managing and operating the Department by the Deputy Secretary of Energy, also appointed by the President. The Energy department is divided into three undersecretariats, each headed by an Under Secretary of Energy, each appointed by the President.

  • Secretary of Energy
    • Deputy Secretary
      • Energy Undersecretariat
        • Under Secretary for Energy
        • National Grid Management Agency
        • Office of Conventional Energy Production
        • Office of Nuclear Energy
        • National Capital Power Adminstration
      • Research Undersecretariat
        • Under Secretary for Research
        • National Energy Efficiency and Outlook Laboratories
      • Nuclear Safety Undersecretariat
        • Under Secretary for Nuclear Safety
        • Office of Nuclear Regulation
        • Nuclear Safety Administration
        • Nuclear Materials Transport Office

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