King Akar Ijranek was a major King of Halarian Empire. Akar is known for conquering much of the Issan Kingdom, and for dividing the Halarian Empire into four. According to the Halrani creation myth, Iren was the first human to be created, by the spirit Halar.

Akar's father was Ijran, and his father was Elios II, and his father was Elios I. Elios I is famed for his dreams, which formed the Halrani religion. Akar's paternal ancestors in order (starting with Akar) are:

  1. Akar, King of Halaria
  2. Ijran, King of Halaria
  3. Elios II, King of the Manla Union
  4. Elios I, King of the Manla Union
  5. Alarkan, King of Nistirit Manla
  6. Iliar, King of Nistirit Manla
  7. Sanar III, King of Nistirit Manla
  8. Sanar II, King of Nistirit Manla
  9. Sanar I, King of Holesan Manla
  10. Eithrek, King of Holesan Manla
  11. Halbor, King of Manla
  12. Iren, King of Western Manla
  13. Halar, King of Manla
  14. Hakar, King of the River
  15. Hondor, King of the River
  16. Iren, King of Men

Another connection to Iren can be found through Akar's 10 x great grandfather, Halar. Halar's mother was Sila, who was a daughter of Iren.

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