Devan Hester

7th Chancellor of Nanteos
7th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William II
Preceded by Donald Taylor
Succeeded By Sir Gabriel Fikes

Born Friendship
Political party Freedom Party
Defeated Gabriel Kauffman
Religion Unitarian

Devan Hester was the 7th Chancellor of Nanteos and former CEO of the Peppa-Cola Company.

Early Life

Devan Hester was born to Giles and Margret Hester in the city of Friendship. Hester's mother died when he was two leaving a lasting impression on him. Devan's father Giles was a Friendship pit boss and former mayor. He paid for Devan to attend the University of Friendship. There Devan achieved a degree in business.

Loss of his father and poverty

Devan lost his father shortly after completing his degree at Friendship University. His father had amassed a huge debt which took most of his fortune to pay off leaving Hester with nothing but a few bills. Hester got a job making cars for a local fiz water bottling company, but then had a great idea. He decided to make syrups for fiz water and create a new drink called Soda-Pop. The Fiz water business which had never had many drinkers then took off. Hester named his invention "Peppa-Cola".

Peppa-Cola Company

Hester's corporation rose very quickly until the huge corporations in Nanteos caught wind of it. JP Industries quickly invented a generic brand of soda-pop and began a sales war that would last until this day. Hester responded by muscling in on JP's traditional territory by buying several Friendship factories very cheaply and exporting his goods across the Straight of Nanteos to Deeland.

Entrance into politics

Hester decided to run for mayor of Friendship shortly after that. Although his fathers legacy as mayor had tarnished his campaign he still won a close race. Shortly after that, Chancellor of Nanteos, Donald Taylor named him Minister of Finance. After Donald decided not to run for a second term, he endorsed Hester.


Under Hester, the Nanteon economy reached its ultimate height. Sillian immigrants began pouring across the border to get Nanteon jobs (as Silla was currently in recession). Hester dealt with this by asking the department of jurisprudence to create a new police force called the Griffon Guards to keep illegal immigrants out. The guard done a fairly good job.


Eventually, rumors surfaced that Hester had several ministers and judges pay for their appointments. Charges were also leveled that Hester was using his powers to harass his opponents in the financial JP Industries. Although Hester denied all these allegations, and nothing was proven it would cost him a second term.

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