Boston Burning

The city of Boston burns in the first days of the Fall.

The Devil Zone is a terrifying universe, in which the planet Earth was over-run with demonic creatures from an unknown location.


In the year 2012, tears in time and space all over the world allowed vicious monsters to gain access to Earth. In a brief but brutal war known as "The Fall", the fiendish abombinations defeated the united millitaries of the world, letting the world sink into the Second Dark Age.


Humans barely survived the Fall, but many human beings still live in the wastelands of Earth. These people often form small, well-armed communities. The Devil Zone is also home to a near endless variety of monsters. Surviving religous fanatics maintain that there are exactly 666 species of demonic monsters living in the world.

One species of demonic creature, the Ghouls, are sapient enough to use firearms and other weapons.

See List of Creatures in the Devil Zone for details about the universes monstrocities.

Human Settlements


The Devil Zone's history devulged from our own in the year 2012, when the first reports of the interdimensional tears were filed into classified government files. In the November of that year, armies of Ghouls filled into the world's major cities and began to slaughter humans. The war known as the Fall then began, and lasted until 2014, ending in decisive Ghoul victory. The remaining humans now live in fear, striving to stay alive in the world's most inhospitable places; deserts, mountains, and polar regions

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