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The Dica Deia

As Luminarism became entirely concerned with the power of the mage-priests, the mage-priests sought to solidify their power and make it impossible for any to contest them. Claiming the mantle of the gods, they made ever more intolerant proclamations. As edicts supposedly derived from the deities, these proclamations from the priesthood formed the basis for a religious law, the Dica Deia, the "Words of the Gods", often shorthanded as Dica. The Dica also drew heavily from the holy texts crafted by the mage-priests of the dark ages. For thousands of years the Dica would hold sway over much of the world, suppressing change and progress and the making of discoveries of magic. During all that time, the Dica would mostly go unchanged, and over the course of millennia, while the rest of the world gradually became more progressive and advanced, the societies under the Dica became ever more fundamentalist and extreme by comparison. In practice, since the masses could not read their holy text, the mage-priests had the authority to interpret their text however they saw fit, and to subtly change words to alter their interpretations to their liking, and none could contest them on it.

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