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Dicta Legila Priesta

The Dicta Legila Priesta, in 855 AL, was an edict promulgating that henceforth, all technological advances could only be shared with, and could only be used by, mage-priests. It was the first major pact of secrecy that would bind the workers of magic. The rule was primarily applied in two ways: First, all mage-priests that produced an invention or happened upon a discovery would be required to share it with all the other mage-priests, and could not go forth to the masses to proclaim the discovery as their own. Second, anyone not a mage-priest who happened upon an invention could only share it with the mage-priests, and thereafter could speak of it no longer; if they shared it with anyone else, they and anyone who learned of it would be rounded up and punished (often executed). The edict emerged out of the jealousy and insecurity of the mage-priests, who would have no competing force vie with them for dominion over the world. It also all but shut down the inventive spirit in all the Luminarian lands.

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