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Dictation Magic

With dictation based magic, or dictamagia, the spell is activated automatically based on sounds the spell can track. Almost always this would be spoken words, though occasionally it can be based on other sounds. Hence dictation magic has to be able to comprehend and differentiate between sounds and match them up with words, as well as identify who said it. Examples include an incantation for lightning, a spell to amplify one's voice, a spell to counterbalance (muffle) other sounds, a password to open a vault, etc. Since speaking incantations can be done rapidly and in but a moment one can say one of a great many possible phrases, dictation magic can be versatile and useful on-the-fly. Another advantage is that dictation magic doesn't require the user to move, especially useful in covert ops or when captured. Generally the words used are High Lorican, based on the Luminarian mage-priests' tradition. The spoken words are converted into spells by an interpretation enchantment (charmase) for words, called a dictationase. As the words have meaning, they are generally also strung up to form “sentences”, more complicated verbal commands, for more complicated effects, though this requires a more complicated dictationase to handle the requirement.

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