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Dionism is a syncretic religion indigenous to the population of Ixania in northern Albion, built mainly around the teachings and writings of Imperator Dion I, with influences from Marquis de Sade and numerous other figures over the religions development, as well as numerous prominent Ixanian figures. The Dionist community see no good or bad morals, and generally follow whichever ones they feel to be most suitable to their desires. There are three deities in Dionism; Kondo the god of war, Sauda the goddess of evil, and Imana the goddess of pleasure. Most of the population follows Kondo and the martial teachings first mentioned by Imperator Dion I. The Ixanians' belief in discipline and martial prowess comes from their veneration of their war god. Their unrestrained anger and desires come from their worship of the other two.

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