Hurian Education Bureau
Agency overview
Formed May 27, 1951
Headquarters Rollace Citadel, Defiance Inner City
Employees 14,500
Annual budget $153.4 billion
Agency executive Arida Diagana, Colonel

The Hurian Education Bureau is the department of the government responsible for regulating the education system within the Hurian Federation. It employs some 14,500 individuals within its ranks, and is charged with ensuring that every Hurian citizen recieves a full and free education. The bureau is directed by the Education Minister, the port currently held by Colonel Arida Diagana.

The primary directive of the Education Bureau is "to provide a full education to all Hurian citizens within the nation and its territories, and to ensure that the doctrines of the state are fully understood by its students". Unlike most other departments handling education in other nations, the bureau is also also responsible for establishing schools within Huria, and ensuring that all are built to government standards.

Public Schooling & Curriculum




College & Tertiary Education



Private & High-End Tertiary Education

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