District of Castelmagno
Distretto di Castelmagno
Destrekt Grööskastl
—  District  —
Motto: "Tutto è possibile"
"Everything is possible"
Country Flag of Lecrotia Republic of Lecrotia
Capital and largest city Castelmagno (de facto)
 • Governor Rosalia Ferrari
Time zone LT (UTC+1)
Postal code 1000
ISO 3166 code LE-CM

The District of Castelmagno (Italian: Distretto di Castelmagno) is a district that has provincial status, since there is Castelmagno, the capital of the Republic of Lecrotia.

The City of Castelmagno, while not being part of the homonymous district, also serves as capital city of the district.

Lecrotia Districts Map

Location of the Castelmagno (CM) District in Lecrotia.

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