The United States of Antarticland is composed by 100 districts. The smallest district is South Pole Capital City District with only 314 km2. The biggest distric is Romania District 353,429 km2.

Districts of Antarticland

A district is a type of administrative division, in some countries managed by a local government. Entities known as districts vary greatly in size, spanning entire regions or counties, several municipalities, or subdivisions of municipalities. In Antarticland, districts are municipal electoral subdivisions of boroughs, which are subdivisions of cities or towns. They function in a similar manner to what is elsewhere known as a ward.

A ward is a subdivision of a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. It is common in the Antarticland for wards to simply be numbered.

Districts by State

VICTORIA LAND Victoria Land State Flag

AMUNDSEN Amundsen State Flag

EAST ANTARTICA East Antartica State Flag

POLARIA Polaria State Flag

SOUTH POLE South Pole State Flag

NEW SWABIA New Swabia State Flag

ALYESKA Alyeska State Flag

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