The districts of Aratkom (Aratkoma: šistrom, singular: šistro) are the second level of administrative subdivisions in Aratkom. There are nineteen districts. All districts have the same name as their capital.


Name Province Population
Sêrtolyk Sêrtolyk 460,542
Dambar Dambar 165,092
Égar Dambar 79,866
Supkok Dambar 11,406
Maltor Dambar 80,362
Kilégara Kilégara 123,206
Nompê Kilégara 101,325
Krésyp Kilégara 64,547
Bintara Kilégara 43,427
Çorkanto Çorkanto 78,826
Rigof Çorkanto 44,685
Astrol Çorkanto 69,112
Éléne Çorkanto 47,635
Iñaša Iñaša 50,395
Žucé Iñaša 43,724
Lykira Iñaša 47,799
Kolombor Kolombor 36,406
Ñasê Kolombor 39,010
Ségreng Kolombor 23,602

Other subdivisions

The level of subdivions above the districts are the provinces (qartal). The level below are the independent towns (lištres çistes) and municipalities (olrypak).

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