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Dmitry Ordulev
Berdy 2190800b
In office
2005 – President for Life
Vice President Sekhel Simkek
Personal details
Born20th January 1969
Balkanabat, Turkmenistan
Political partyTurkmen Advancement Party
Spouse(s)Oriana Ordulev
ChildrenSabina Ordulev
ReligionSunni Islam
Dmitry Ordulev is the current 'President For Life' of Turkmenistan, and head of the Turkmen Advancement Party. He became President in 2005, after the creation of the 'new' Turkmenistan, after the Turkicstan Civil War.


Rule of Turkmenistan

Since 2005 Ordulev has run a 'extravagant' rule over Turkmenistan, and has changed many things to glorify the state and himself such as the names of cities, and even the names of Months, has spent almost half of Turkmenistans treasury on building new palaces and memorials.

Ordulev renamed the month of January, from Yanwar, to Türkmenbaşy, meaning leader of the 'Turkmens,' which is Ordulevs own adopted title. The city of Krasnovodosk, to Türkmenbaşy, in order to glorify the state and its leader.

Ordulev has spent much of Turkmenistans money renovating and 'improving' cities, such as Ashgabat, by building palaces and monuments, including the new Presidential palace. A new holiday resort, built near Türkmenbaşy, which was condemned by international authority, and travel organizations as the 'most ill conceived' holiday resort ever built.

Core Beliefs

Issue Stance Quote
LGBT Rights Disagree 'it is against my religion'
Gay Marriage Disagree 'It is agaisnt my religion'
Abortion Disagree 'It is against my religion'
Death Penalty Disagree 'I do not want one great person of this country put to death'
Torture Methods Agree 'If someone will not give information willingly, we must use force'
Radioactive Weapons Disagree 'It is against the Treaty'
Biological Weapons Disagree 'It is against the Treaty'
Equal Rights Disagree 'Men and Women are different, they both have different roles, and this must be reflected in society'
Asissted Suicide Partial 'If someone has come to the end of their usefulness to this great country, they should if they want, to end it'
Freedrom of Speech Partial 'People must speak, but if it is against this great nation then it must not be allowed'
Freedom of Expression Partial 'People must express themselves, but not disrespect their country'
Freedom of Press Disagree 'I will not have some journalist destroying the glory of this great country, the people want to hear about the glory of their president and country, and they shall recieve'
Right to Protest Disagree

'Why would people want to protest against the great country of Turkmenistan?'

Right to Privacy Agree 'People should have their own privacy, aslong as they are respecting their country and their president'

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