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Type International Shipping
Established 2002
Founder/CEO Brian J. Archer
Headquarters Castro, Chile
Area served Pacific Region
Industry Service
Employees 413,400

Domco International (or simply, Domco) is one of the world's largest shipping companies, providing over 100 services every week.

Domco has a fleet (officially called "Navco") of 200 vessels at its disposal, the majority of which are 170 carriers. It is a rapidly growing, independant company  based in Castro, Chile and Eastland of the Midway Atoll.

Domco was founded in 2002 by Brian J. Archer using a small fortune he received as inheritance from his late father to buy a  single freighter ("The Carlton") and decent crew. A very calculating individual, Archer was able to predict the division of the States and transfer funds to more stable conditions. He also knew that the seceding party would find it necessary to have a reliable import/export system and as a result of his pre-Chrisis actions, surfaced as the Independent States' top candidate for running international trade in the Pacific.


Founded 9/6/02.

Growing Power

As its influence became prominent throughout the Pacific region, Domco became more ambitious. Its monopoly over the west coast, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Pacific isles was growing exponetialy each year. In 2011, the UN addressed this matter,but this effort was in vain. During an interview held days later, Archer indirectly threatened to cut off the less contributive nations, an act which would furthur weaken the post-Chrisis Economic situation.

On the third of December, 2012, Domco bought Eastern Island of the Midway Atoll. The small island, renamed Eastland , would function as a refeuling facility, harbor, and long term storage for pending shippments.

On May 14, Domco proposed a six month contract with EcruFox Corporation in hopes of further agreements between the two companies. Brian Archer has agreed to release the conditions of the agreement upon EcruFox's compliance.New Developments

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