Donald Taylor
Donald Taylor

6th Chancellor of Nanteos
6th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William II
Preceded by Sir Allistar Hyatt
Succeeded by Devan Hester

Born Jack's City
Political party Freedom Party
Defeated Greg Allan
Religion Baptist

Donald Taylor was the 6th Chancellor of Nanteos and former councilor of Jack's City. He served in the Calvert Civil War with the Nanteon Air Force and was awarded the Royal Service Medal twice.

Early Life

Donald Taylor was born on the streets of Jack's City. After being abandoned by his parents he was shuffled around from orphanage to orphanage until finally, a Baptist preacher and farmer named Jack Taylor took him in. Donald being only 8 years old was taught how to farm and even more importantly how to fly a small airplane to unload pesticide on the crops. He grew very close with his older adopted brother Jack Taylor Jr and they enlisted in the Nanteon Air Force together.

Political Career

Donald Taylor after serving time in the air force decided to help local orphanages with the Department of Agriculture and Social Welfare. After serving a few years he was put in charge of the entire Jack's City branch, and then later he was appointed its minister by Jacob Kilkenny. Being an avid supporter of "help yourself" type programs Taylor done a sweep of the whole department saving the Kingdom a lot of money. His ideas proved effective however as many people were helped out of their positions and his knowledge of farming proving first class.

Running for Chancellor

Donald Taylor decided to run with the Freedom Party against Sir Allistar Hyatt for Chancellor. Taylor believed Hyatt only helped the rich, and wanted to do something about it. Although many freedomist felt he was not yet qualified no one wanted to run against Hyatt. Taylor lost the election by a landslide, but it did reveal one thing. Taylor was quit possibly the second most charismatic man in all of Nanteos, after Sir Allistar Hyatt.

Return to the Air Force

When King William II declared war on Varland in the Calvert Civil War, Taylor rejoined the air force to fight for his country. Taylor and his brother were known as some of the best pilots in the world. They were both shot down twice and both received the Royal Service Medal twice for their outstanding work.

Another shot at Chancellor

Taylor decided once again he would run for Chancellor of Nanteos. In a hard fought race, Taylor was able to win the election against Moralist mayor of Crowe's Nest Greg Allan.

Death of his brother and moving back home

After the death of Taylor's brother due to a heart attack, Taylor declared he would not run for another term as Chancellor. He endorsed Peppa-Cola Company CEO, Devan Hester, for Chancellor.

Taylor is said to have remarked after being asked about why he chose not to run again "Family comes first" and "I didn't like the spotlight anyway".

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