Dongdu Metropolitan City (東都府; Dongdu-fu) is the fifth largest metropolitan area in Surea, and by city limits, the sixth largest city with over 7 million people. Administratively it is one of the six municipalities that have prefectural-level status, reporting directly to the central government. The city is the capital and principal city of Luzaki Prefecture, although it is not legally part of the prefecture.

The city is located in north-eastern side of Honpura about 30km inside from seacoast. The Kenshi plain, where the city lies, is the middle part and rare plain of that region. It made the city one of the region's two centers of politics, economy, and culture, along with Shidu.


Established in 244 near the spring of the Kisame River (西江) branch of the Chang River (滄江). It was the second capital of the Surean Kingdom, succeeding Tengei, originally of the Tan Dynasty during the Warring States Period. Its population within the municipal area stood in 2008 at 7,036,341, spread out over 700 km².


Dongdu is an metropolitan city, administratively equivalent to a prefecture, and is divided into 9 wards/chi and 2 counties/yu.

  • Widani Ward (維陵區)
  • Purite Ward (幸門區)
  • Fusojuki Ward (高津區)
  • Nina Ward (中區)
  • Kisamezune Ward (西灘區)
  • Hinatamisu Ward (北峭區)
  • Lakanaga Ward (長田區)
  • Gimago Ward (上磨區)
  • Kakashizuka Ward (南城區)
  • Sanyo County (山陽邑)
  • Nadaawa Conty (山口邑)

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