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The Doomtimes (200,000 BFL - 0 AFL) is often known as the first era of life on Htrae's surface; approximately beginning six-hundred thousand years after the extinction of the Ancients, of which the demonic, immortal Doomfolk race entered the planet through a wormhole between the Doomworld (Dimension 3.14) and Htrae.


According to historical accounts provided by the Doomfolk following the Vandoom's (ruling government of Dimension 3.14) acceptance to the terms of the Panorealmic Neutrality Coalition Proclamation of 1188 AFL, the Doomtimes began when the thirteenth Vanarch (a Doomfolk monarch), Dragonlord Bain Ironscale II, ordered two legions of Swarmfolk, the thirteenth Vandoom's 13th and 14th Swarm Divisions to launch an expedition through wormhole H-14D.

The H-14D wormhole was found at latitude and longitudinal coordinates of (55.7500 N, 37.6168 E) and approximately 172 meters above sea level; right over the ruins of the Ancient city of Wocsom.

Led by Commodore Flantus Screemore XVI, the expedition was successful with one casualty caused by a run-in with a goblin horde ending with Doomfolk victory. This marked the discovery of the Darkfolk; sentient creatures that survived underground for millions of years. Bain Ironscale II sent his cousin Danja Flaregem IV to conquer and rule over planet Htrae, which the Doomfolk referred to as "Arbhs-nenja Krbaxin" (translated. 'Dust-filled world'). Danja commanded approximately two Swarm Divisions, five Minion hordes, 120 Devil sorcerers, and 50 Dragonknights.

Slave Colony in Wocsom

The Doomfolk first settled in Wocsom, the ruined ancient city that stood right under H-14D. Danja's subjects enslaved a total of nearly 300 million Darkfolkers in the first century of rule. 

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