• Physical Map
  • Population Map
  • A Closeup on the Northeast.
  • A global map of Dordavia.
  • A revised map of the planet.

Dordavia is approximately the same size as Earth, with a similar overall climate and comparable seasons. It has one enormous continent, surrounded by the Asomian Ocean, which contains a few islands. The main continent has a diverse range of climates, due to variation in land contours, temperature, and rainfall. The Ordric Mountains run from north to south, splitting the continent in half. To the East of the Mountains lies the inland Sea of Wisdom and the prosperous nation of Uthenor. To the West lies the Marauder Sea and the less developed regions of the continent. In the north sits the Writhing Wood, a large and uncivilized forest. Beyond are the Northlands, home to a scattering of tribes.

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