Doris Miller-class
Doris Miller-class Patrol Boat
Doris Miller-class
Career File:Flag of the American Empire.png
Nationality: American Empire
Operated by: Imperial American Navy
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding
Avaris Shipbuilding
Ordered: 20 (planned)
Laid down: 4
Launched: 13
Registry: PC
Status: Active
General characteristics
Displacement: ~250 tons
Length: 147 ft
Beam: 18 ft
Draft: 24 ft
Power: Naval MKIII Nuclear Powerplant
Propulsion: Two Water-Jet Booster;Two Propellors;
4,000 shaft horsepower
Speed: 45 knots (51 mph)
Maximum speed: 60 knots (69 mph)
Range: Unlimited
Crew: 22
Armament: 1 x 25mm Railgun
10 x FIM-92 Stinger SAMs
Cost: $500 million (2012)
The Doris Miller-class of patrol boats is currently the most numerous and advanced of its type within the Imperial American Navy which employs it. It recieves its namesake from Cook 3rd Class Doris Miller of the United States Navy, who manned a an anti-aircraft machine gun during the Japanese attack on pearl harbor during the Second World War, for which he was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions. The first ship of the class was commissioned January 14, 2008, and completed on November 8th later that year. There are currently 13 Doris Miller-class patrol boats in active service, though another 7 are planned for construction.



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