Doxteria is a kind of human race. Their speciallity is longer lives and better sight. Famous for their D-Hunters in the hunt for Jakîm desert spiders. Delph Strange was a high-council member of the D-Hunters Guild. The majority of Doxterian people live on the Heart Island, center of the World Map. The Doxterian also in propotery own in population majority the Pipe Island which granted indepence year 3999. Their indepence was a great loss for Löëës economy. Short afterwards the municiply Däeoro granted indepence aswell (year 4013). Doxteria is also famous for their armors and weapons smiths. For long they been the grand-master for the entire humans army supplyment. But with the war aginst Vaf the elves from Filavo assisted Rekïr from bombardment and also persuade with the humans army supplier to elvish.

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