Draconic is the native language of Haylese Dragons. Many corruptions of its words can be found in the languages of Baqu'lan, Common Stradsofarene, Pethass, and others.

Basic Phrases

"Ked'mol"- "Greetings."

"Lom'dek"- "Farewell."

"Gas'queth per?"- "How are you?"

"Mat'een kolko"- "I am well."

"Oklok nee'tam"- "I am not well."

"Sor"- "Yes."

"Ros"- "No."


Hayle- Place of life.

Meah- Dragon.

Meah Erig'ba- Dragon's Chosen (refers to the Lizardmen).

Anis Meah- Mithril Dragon.

Weuk Meah- Black Dragon.

Hol'oss Meah- Red Dragon.

Zmél Meah- Gold Dragon.

Quov-lea Meah Platinum Dragon.

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