The Dradelian langauge is a conlang spoken in Dradelia. It is considered an Indo-European language due to the fact the grammar and semantics are mainly European-based. It is is also influenced by the Finno-Uralic, Altaic languages and Esperanto. It is one of the official languages of Dradelia. Dradelian is mainly used for cultural purposes in Dradelia.


The Dradelian language uses the Latin alphabet. It uses the basic Latin alphabet without the letters W, Q or X. It uses the additional letters Ä, Ã, Ƀ, Đ, Õ, Ğ as well as Ŝ, Ẑ which are used only as a rendering for loan-words and proper nouns. T

Letter: Aa Ää Bb Ƀƀ Cc Dd Đđ Ee Ff Gg Ğğ Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Ãã Õõ Vv Yy Zz
IPA: ɑ æ b tʃ d e/eɪ f g ɣ h i ɟ/ʒ k l m n o p ɾ s t u ɑ̃  õ v j z

Letters used only in loan words and proper nouns/rendering lettersEdit

Letter: Ŝŝ Ẑẑ
IPA: ʃ ʒ


Dradelian has three tenses; past present and future. It also has two moods; conditional and subjunctive. As well as two aspects; continuous and perfect. All verbs in Dradelian are regular so follow the same conjugation patterns, and they do not change according to their subject.

Present Past Future
Simple cebar cebir cebor
Continuous cebaräyu cebiräyu ceboräyu
Perfect cebarigu cebirigu ceborigu

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