Chinese dragon

Their society is peculiarly similar to that of the Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures of Earth. Their emphasis is on Balance and Unity. The self-proclaimed Divine Figures of Simetra are known to be the 4 Dragon Emperors. An old wives' tale explains how Akasha, a great and all-powerful emperor, had gained so much power that it overwhelmed him. He was forced to split his being into four complementary temperaments. These 4 temperaments are modeled after the 4 natural elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Each temperament abides by a specific set of morals and codes, based on their elemental attribute. It is believed that this system achieved the great balance necessary to rule the land, which would otherwise be unattainable had Akasha remained an independent ruling class. Despite the credibility of this tale, Dragons have been swearing by the efficiency of this balanced ruling circle for many years.


Social Organization

Commerce, Trade, and Pubic Life

Daily Life

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