"I am fire. I am water. I am earth. I AM DRAGON!" - Tharkear, first Dragon to come to Haddashall.
Average lifespan 500+
Abilities Fire breath, other breath weapons
Homeworld Ya'yin
Dragon y Luna

The Dragons that reside in the world of Haddashall originated in the realm of Ya'yin, where they were the only living creatures due to the intense heat of Ya'yin.

Life on Ya'yin

The Dragons life on the Volcanic Planet was in relative harmony, with the Greater Dragons ruling the lesser species of Dragon, such as Firewyrms and Icewyngs. When the world of Ya'yin was destroyed by a phythonic meteorite the Dragons that could escaped onto the then-nearest world, Haddashall.

Early History on Haddashall

The Dragons first came to Haddashall in the year 999 Age of Grimbeard's Reign. When they came, the people of Haddashall attacked them and killed sixty of them through Magic. The Dragon's retaliated furiously, massacring thousands of the Highborn and Riverkin, setting themselves as the rulers of all Haddashall. For one thousand years the Dragons ruled tyrannicly over the Arlonians and the inhabitants of the neighboring contienents, althouhg they never could carve a permanent hold on Tarcon Ashyl. Many rebellions sprang up and were vanquished brutally: the most famous of these is the tragic Deathbringer Cycle, the tale of Victor Dagrung and his comrade Destron Serpentslayer. At last the Dragon Empire fell at the hands of the greatest hero of Haddashall legend, Daniel Godkiller. After their defeat at the hands of Daniel and the Uluthai they retreated into the mountain caverns and dark canyons. For seven hundred years they were not seen again in large numbers.

The Dragons Return

Then the Dragons emerged to a world that thought they were myth. Which, of course, made them even more terrifying.

Dragon Subspecies

  • Firewyms - the bulk of the Dragon Military, these serpents are feroucious fighters and flames pour from all over their bodies in battlerage.
  • Greater Dragons - the Greater Dragons are larger than elephants, and with a lot sharper teeth.
  • Icewyngs - these worms are different from their fiery cousins in the fact that they breath freezing mist, not fire