Dscript - A new take on cursive writing

What is Dscript
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Dscript is a new way of writting alphabetcial words. Simply put, do you remember when you were young, bored in class, and tried squeezing all the letters of a word together into a single "glyph" or "symbol". Didn't work very well did it?

Dscript is a way to accomplish this initial goal. By using a new set of symbols specifically designed to be "basic or fundamental pen strokes" or "universially recognizable strokes". Bascially Dscript letters are designed so they can be rotated, twisted, stretched, and contorted, while not become ambiguos with each other. Letters can even be placed inside one another.

The alphabet can be expanded or contracted to fit vitually any alphabet. The letters can be shuffled around and switched out as desired, but I have found this layout works best to learn the basics, develop the motor skills for writting, and move on to more advanced applications.

Using this "Beta Dscript Alphabet", or "Dscript Alphabet 1.0.0", letter are simply connected, combined and merged. like so....

As you can see, it can turn the letter of the word into a "solid string". A good exampl of a finished product using the basic system is below, text reads as the bard wrote "Shall I comapre thee to a summers day?..."

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It can also allow letter to be inserted inside of one another. The "string" of letters can also fork/split.

This forking is very interesting. it can be interpreted and used in many ways, but the simplest(and my favorite) is this, it allows words to effeciently occupy a 2 dimentional space

This mean words do not have to be written as a long string of letters, they
File:The Symbol for Cold - Dscript Chinese English Characters - Dscript 2012 video lessons
can become solid glyphs, long words can be "wrapped up" into a round, square, triangle, etc.. shape.

Watch this video to see a good exaple of how this forking works

(There are plenty more videos at the Dscript Video School)

There is a Dscript Gallery with sample artworks like the ones below

Dscript artwork, like Dscript itself, is creative commons, free to copy/edit/sell, no royalty/fee/etc..

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