Duchy of Thanini
Location of Thanini in Indand
Thanini within Indand, with the Imperial Region of Lyrasia marked in yellow.
Capital Wintermount
Government Monarchy
• Archduke
Petyr Tiber
Currency Coin

The Duchy of Thanini (commonly Thanini) is one of the nine realms of the Empire of Indand, bordered by Danynur to the south, Molatrur to the east, and Zeelador and Sardinessa to the west. In 400 ATW, it had a population of 4,239,108. Thanini was established in 380 ATW along with the other eight realms when the Indand Agreement was signed. Prior to 380, it had been part of the Empire of Molatrur. House Tiber of Wintermount rules Thanini through their lord, Archduke Petyr Tiber. Thanini is largely located within the Flatlands, thus, few mountains and hilly areas pollute the landscape.




The Duchy has been ruled by House Tiber of Wintermount since its establishment in 380 ATW. House Tiber historically ruled the former Empire of Zeelador (not to be confused with the current Kingdom of Zeelador), which spanned from Thanini's current reaches through to the edge of the Highmere Forest. However, Zeelador was conquered by King Osold II in 112 BTW which forced House Tiber to retreat only to Wintermount Island. In 350 ATW, House Tiber officially became a vassal house to the monarch of the Empire of Molatrur and was rewarded the Province of Thanini. With the Indand Agreement, when the province became an autonomous realm, House Tiber became the official government.

Archduke Petyr Tiber, current Lord of House Tiber, is the ruler of the Duchy.


Thanini largely utilizes the forces of House Tiber, its sworn houses and vassals to the house, however, there exists an "official" military, recognized by and under the command of the Emperor of Indand. This official unit, like with the other eight realms, is much smaller than the ruling House's army and is mostly only used to secure the direct interests of the Emperor in the region.


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