For all that the dumun are a frail and squishy breed, there are few other races in Nabdetam that can match them for their powers of adaptability, either in mind or body. It is this that makes them such valuable allies and such formidable foes.

Among themselves, the dumun divide themselves into two groupings: the Ubaneb (Star Born) and the Ubaki (Earth Born). The Ubaneb further divide themselves into four tribes: the Ohi, the Kote, the Jara, and the Yrem. While Dumun Ideology varies from tribe to tribe, and has been known to result in arguments and misunderstandings, it is important to never underestimate the capacity of dumun to set aside differences when faced with a common threat.

Although young in their independence, the dumun have already laid claim to a number of star systems, collectively called Kiseng, as well as to the Sol system. They have been quick to establish cities, outposts, and various defenses, but have yet to see their claims truly tested.


The dumun are human and their appearance, with some variation, reflects this. Skin, eye, and hair coloring come in all the colors of the normal human spectrum, but there are body modification kits to change that for those who don’t care for what nature gave them. Height and build tend to vary more for the Ubaneb then they do for the Ubaki: 4ft6in (137cm) to 7ft6in (229cm), and 90lbs (41kg) to 315lbs (143kg) are all considered healthy, for the most part.

Dumun tend to live anywhere from one to two centuries, depending on if they’re Ubaki or Ubaneb, and are considered children until they’ve survived their first 15 years. Mid life crises are expected to hit at anywhere from 50 to 80 years of age, and most of the populace doesn’t consider a person old until they at least hit 100 years, although current trends are pushing that back to 130 or so.


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