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While preferences differ from tribe to tribe, the dumun as a race enjoy sport. It is seen as a way to keep physically healthy, stave off boredom, and realign body and mind. The importance of sport effects social life among the dumun, as well. It has been used as a proxy for war and as a way to honor fallen warriors, and is so important that an individual not skilled in any athletic activity is seen as socially awkward.

The kinds of sport practiced by the dumun are too numerous to list all of them here, but among the most popular are Martial Arts, Meditation Stances, Kickball, Stickball, Tackleball, and Cageball.



(beliefs, philosophies, practices, traditions)


The main religion of the Ubaneb is called “Namaka”. Translating to “who what flows,” these dumun believe that all people and things were once part of a greater being called the Knowing One. This Knowing One wanted for nothing except knowledge and, to this end, split itself into many, many pieces. From this the universe, and everything in it, was created. Those that follow Namaka believe that once the Knowing One has all the answers it desires, it will pull all of its pieces back together and all will return to being a single entity once more.

There are other religions, of course – any beliefs that were seen on Kaisar at any point in its history can still be found now, and combinations and adaptations of those abound as well. The Ubaneb have no preference for what spiritual path one of their number follows, as long as their worshiping is not bothersome to others. Not all of the Ubaki share this view.


The dumun speak Nanyse, a single language that took form and evolved as their cultures did the same. There are some variations in verbal dialect between the various tribes, but the language is identical when written.


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