Durham is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons based around the Doubledance neighbourhood of the same name. It has been held by Dr. Christine Hinkle since 1987, but is now a marginal seat based on shifting democraphics making the seat more affluent and conservative. The seat was created in 1929.

Members of Parliament

  1. Alf Grant 1929-1940 (Labour)
  2. Ed Hughes 1940-1958 (Labour)
  3. John Lincoln 1958-1970 (Conservative)
  4. Michael Critchley 1970-1979 (Labour)
  5. Albert Stenton 1979-1987 (Conservative)
  6. Christine Hinkle 1987- (Georgeland Party (1987-1999)/Liberal (1999-2004)/Liberal Democrat (2004-2007)/Independent (2007)/Georgeland Alliance (2007-))

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