The Dwarves are a mythic race of short, stocky folk who originated in Norway and Sweden. In the Dwarven Age, beginning around 650 A.Y., they rose to dominate the Land of Yore. The Dwarves are experts at mining and metalworking. Craftsmanship holds great social value. Though the Dwarves are not exceptionally belligerent, they will readily fight when their homes and families are in danger.


Dwarves are the shortest race in the Land of Yore. Both male and female Dwarves have an average height of around 4'4", more than a foot smaller than the average Human. The Dwarves' life span is as short as their stature. Men typically live to the age of 25, with women living to around 30. An elderly Dwarf is one who as lived past 30, and these are few and far between. Dwarves reach adulthood by the age of 10, when the men begin to grow long beards and the women begin to bear children. Dwarves have pale skin with a grayish tint to it, and most have dark hair, although the occasional blonde appears. It is customary for male Dwarves to grow beards, and the style of beards usually signifies social status. Female Dwarves are not considered attractive by the other races, but Dwarven men approach them with great enthusiasm.

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