EAS-Marelli M7
Marelli globetrotter
Role stealth bomber
Manufacturer Marelli S.p.A/EAS
First flight 2007
Introduction 2011
Status Operational
Primary users RAFE, Turkish Airforce,
Number built
Unit cost unknown

The EAS-Marelli M7, known as the "Globetrotter" is a European stealth plane. It was developed from 2005, mainly in the Toulouse factory. In 2007 an early prototype was flown for 5 minutes around Toulouse before returning to the factory. In 2010 the final prototype, with two Marelli X10 engines (from the Milan factory) was flown. In 2011 the first planes were delivered.


Maximum speed: Mach 5 Cruise speed: Mach 1.9 Powerplant: Marelli X10 engines (x2) Range: Unlimited Combat radius: 865–920 mi (750–800 nmi, 1,380–1480 km) Service ceiling: 65,000 ft (19,800 m)

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