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The following article details news broadcasts in the form of ticker bars displayed by the EcruFox Media Group of America's international news division.

January 2012

  • 20: San Andreas State Senator Trevor Prince outraged by Justice Department shutdown of "" and threatens the career of Daniela Chi, Attorney General.
  • 21: Despite Senator Prince's protests, a case against Megaupload is filed in the Allied States Criminal Court. Senator Prince announces that he will support Megaupload's case.
  • 31: Senator Trevor Prince proposes the No Man's Land Bill of 2012 in Senate. The bill is expected to receive a lot of support from DLP Senators.

February 2012

  • 5: Presiding Senator Trevor Prince announces that he will be running from President in the 2014 presidential election.
  • 8: Middle East invaded by Allied States and Europan forces.
  • 8: Senator Trevor Prince's view on the war: "fuck yeah."
  • 14: No Man's Land Bill of 2012 passes the Allied States Senate. Bill to be reviewed by the executive before passing as law.

March 2012

  • 11: No Man's Land Bill of 2012 approved by the Presidency and becomes law. EcruFox Corporation as well as other companies outraged.

April 2012

  • 16: Controversial foreign policy breaks ground. Federal government no longer recognizes foreign law enforcement as having jurisdiction over AS citizens.

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