Titian rocket
Buonarroti rocket
Davinci class
Bernini rocket
Caravaggio rocket

Europa built its first rocket in 1960 and since then has been amongst the foremost users of rockets.

Light Rockets

Titian Class

The Titian Class of Rockets was introduced in 1960. These rockets were the first to send satellites into space, as part of Europa Space Agency programs. There were 5 built, which operated until 1964.

Buonarroti Class

The Buonarroti Rocket was the second class of rockets created by the ESA. It was introduced in 1968 and has remained in use until 1998.

Medium Rockets

Da Vinci Class

The Da Vinci Class rocket, introduced in 1964, was the rocket that set Supermarelli and Janus space ships into outer space, and in 1970 sent the first Europans to the moon. This one was used until 1974 when the Davinci 2 was introduced. Subsequent versions were the Da Vinci 4 (1975-1981), Da Vinci 5 (1983-1989) and Da Vinci 6 (1991-1995).

Bernini Class

The Bernini Class of Rockets was introduced in 1998 to replace the Davinci class. The original version, built until 2002 was used for the Habitas 9 mission. The V2 Bernini was introduced in 2005 and has served subsequent Habitas Program missions.

Heavy Rockets

Caravaggio Class

The Caravaggio Class is the largest rocket ever built by the ESA. It was first introduced in 1984 to carry Janus shuttles. In 1995 the V2 was introduced, which carried Vesta shuttles until 2000. A V3 version was made in 2001 and served both the Vesta and Jupiter shuttles.

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