Evergreen Technologies ET-32
A mock up of the 'Firefly'
Role VTOL Frieghter
National origin Flag of the United Commonwealths of America United Commonwealths of America
Manufacturers Evergreen Technologies
First flight August 20th 2017
Introduced November 2017
Primary user Pacific International
Number built 99
Unit cost UC$35.6 Billion (flyaway cost)
The Evergreen Technologies ET-32 'Firefly' is a VTOL medium sized frieght aicraft produced by Evergreen Technologies in the United Commonwealths. Originally designed as a concept for a futuristic space craft, the model was eventually modified into a medium sized VTOL frieghter for civilian and military use. The craft is often known as the 'Firefly' because of its shape.


The ET-32 was originally a concept for a 'futuristic' spacecraft code-named 'Firefly' which was drawn up by Evergreen Technologies in 2010. The company then saw its potential to become a Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) Cargo aircraft for medium sized operations. Between April 2010 until June 2011 the craft was under design and planning, and eventually completed its first flight in August 2011, and its first delivery in October 2018, and by July 2020 only 99 units had been constructed. Primary users include the United Nations who operated 20 for humanitarian support, and Pacific International with 29, aswell as the Commonwealth Self Defence Forces with 31.



The ET-32 is centred around a large cargo hold, which a large door which opens down, so that stored vehicles can be driven or rolled off. The cockpit of the aircraft sits on a large fuselage which rises above the cargo hold. Above the cargo compartment is the seating area, which has 20 seats, for personell or crew. Either side of the cargo hold are the two engines, which swivel to allow the aircraft to take off and land vertically. Behind the cargo hold is the main engine reactor.



Civilian and Humanitarian

The ET-32 is mainly used by civilian and humanitarian operators, particularly Pacific International. The United Nations uses 20 Fireflies for humanitarian drops, aswell as personel transport.


The ET-32's are used primarily by the United Commonwealths Self Defence Forces, who operates 31 fireflies, for transport and personell transport. Eastern Sahara operates 2 ET-32's the first of which was delivered in March 2012.

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