Earth, often referred to as Planet Earth, is the capital and most populous planet of the United Earth Federation. As a federal territory, Earth is not administered by an autonomous colonial government; rather, the Earthen Government controls the planet directly. The planet consists entirely of an ecumenopolis - the entire land surface of Earth is covered by one continuous urban area - with a population of 89 billion. Being the federal capital as well as the original homeworld of the human race (the UEF's largest population group), Earth is considered to be a planet of immense cultural and political importance.

The planet is divided into several districts across seven continental bodies. The continents, historically known as Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, North America and South America, have long lost their significance. 70% of Earth's surface consists of a saltwater ocean, over which the city is barred from expansion. The districts exist for administrative purposes, with each electing a District Councilor who sits on the Earth Council. The Council answers directly to the Chancellor of the Federation, and is responsible for governing the planet.

Earth is thought to have been formed around 4.5 billion years ago.



Ancient history (1000 BC - 400 AD)

Middle ages (400 AD - 1400 AD)

Pre-modern history (1400 AD - 2100 AD)

Modern history (2100 AD - present)


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