Earth Timeline

The Early Years

619 BC: The Portal Keepers, a group of Magi devoted to the freedom of mankind, are formed in Greece in response to Draco's Laws.

336 BC: Alexander the Great, a secret Planestrider, has his father Philp II assainated to become king of Macedonia. He comes into posseion of the Staff of Adam, and uses it to conquer the known world

323 BC: Alexander is poisenned by the Portal Keeper femme fatal Media. His empire crumbles

79 BC: To destroy the Staff of Adam, the Portal Keeper Octavious threw it in Mount Vesuivus. It erupted and destroyed Pompeii and Herculeam

73-71 BC: The Portal Keeper glaitor, Spartaucus, leads a failed rebellion against Rome 44 BC: Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome and a Planestrider, is killed by a group of Roman senators who are Portal Keepers.

27 BC: Augustus Caesar, a Planestrider and nephew of Julius Caesar, becomes first Roman emperour.

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