The East African Alliance is a grouping of six African nations formed after the fall of the Hurian Federation. Its main purpose is to uphold Huria's ideals. It is not a nation, and has been subject to pressure from the UN and Vanev, also having strained relations with the Six Republics (another international organisation originating from the Hurian Federation, but with different ideals) and the North African Freedom Organisation (which was created specifically to combat Huria). Its current Chair is Richan Nesarian, the second official Chair. The first official Chair was Kwato Mbosa.

Its member states are:

  • Flag of Burundi Burundi
  • Flag of Kenya Kenya
  • Flag of Madagascar Madagascar
  • Flag of Rwanda Rwanda
  • Flag of Tanzania Tanzania/Tanganyika
  • Flag of Uganda Uganda

The first official meeting of the heads of the states occurred on the 10th of September 2012 (there had already been unofficial meetings in the month before), in Nairobi, Kenya. It was decided there would be a second meeting in Madagascar on the 19th, since the first meeting had to be abandoned because of security concerns. A few hours after the first meeting, Kwato Mbosa, then-Chair of the East African Alliance, was shot and killed. He was quickly replaced by Richan Nesarian. This caused general unrest in the states and the government, with some believing Nesarian (from Kenya) to be a Western infiltrator, saying he was appointed after a meeting between the Kenyan delegation and a UN security force. As a result of this incident, four of the nations (Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda) boycotted the 19th September meeting (leaving just Kenya and Madagascar there), and some of the governments have said they will also boycott any further EAA meetings until a trustworthy Chair is appointed.

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