East Asian Monetary Bureau
동아시아 통화 국
EAMB logo EAMB headquarters
Logo of the Monetary Bureau Monetary Bureau Headquarters, Seogyeong
Headquarters Hwanggumbol, Seogyeong, East Asian Federation
Established 1976
Administrator Kim Choongsoo
Central bank of East Asian Federation
Currency East Asian New Yen
ISO 4217 Code EAY
Base borrowing rate 0%-10%

The East Asian Monetary Bureau (Korean: 동아시아 통화 국, Dong-Asia Tonghwa Gug) is the central bank of the East Asian Federation and issuer of the East Asian New Yen. Its headquarters are located in Hwanggumbol, Seogyeong. The Board of Governors of the Monetary Bureau consists of seven economic experts appointed to staggered twenty-year terms, appointed by the State Officer for Economy and the Chief Executive. The current Administrator is Kim Choongsoo.


The Monetary Bureau was established as a primary organization of the government as a part of the Federation Charter on February 15, 1976.


According to the relevant sections in the Federation Charter, the primary tasks of the East Asian Monetary Bureau are:

  • to control the amount of New Yen available for use on the market and for exchange.
  • to implement monetary policy.
  • to ensure the vital stability of the East Asian financial system.
  • to issue treasury bonds and securities.
  • to provide and act upon financial data to predict future trends of the markets.
  • to promote cooperation with other central banks.
  • to ensure price stability of critical goods and services.


The bank's headquarters are at Hwanggumbol, Seogyeong, the site of a former Korean engraving office. There are also branches in Nakanoshima, Osaka; Jung, Seoul; Zhongzheng, Taipei City; and Chuo, Tokyo.

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