The East Asian People's Federation (Dang: 델기앗이아 렘민 욚압, Japanese: 東アジア人民連盟, Korean: 동아시아 사람들 연맹) also known as East Asia is one of the two Confederal units of the Eurasian People's Confederation. Located in the Far North East of Asia consisting of the Japanese Archipelago and the Korean Peninsula and surrounding lands. East Asia's capital is Tokyo, which also serves as the capital of the Confederation.

First initially formed in 2014 following the East Asian Revolution erupting in the Empire of East Asia, which was later revealed to be ignited by subversive activity by an alliance between what was then independent Neo-Socialist Europe, and Danguk. The Revolution spread like wildfire across East Asia during March and April, spread by popular opinion with mass protests against the status-quo and the growing of anti-capitalist and anti-Western sentiment. The United States and Sierra were great supporters of the East Asian government during the Revolution, and were involved in military and logistical aid entering the conflict. However their combined effort failed to quell the threat and resulted in the toppling of the East Asian state. The revolution ended officially at the end of September 2014, with the East Asian People's Federation, consisting of the former East Asian units of Korea, and Japan and the formerly independent state of Danguk. The new constitution was drawn up by the end of August, heavily influenced by the European ideology and governmental structure. In August 2014, both Europe and East Asia signed the Eurasia Co-Operation Agreement, which officially formed the Eurasian Co-Operation Organisation (ECO) which grew closer and closer until the later, Eurasian Agreement which formed the Confederation between Europe and East Asia was signed on the 12 February 2015. Following the monuments agreement, East Asia became central to the workings of the Confederation, with the headquarters of major institutions located in Tokyo, and Seoul. It would also become the main staging ground for defence of the Confederation due to its location and close proximity to China, and the United States and Sierra across the Pacific.

East Asia is a Single Party Neo-Socialist State, which consists of three People's Republics, Danguk, Japan and Korea. While the Federation itself is part of the Eurasian Confederation, it retains a large amount of domestic sovereignty, with foreign affairs and defence handled by the Confederal government. The Head of Government of East Asia is the Chancellor of East Asia, who is currently Yutaka Hamabe. The Chancellor is appointed by popular vote of the elected legislative arm of government. The Legislative Arm of the East Asian government consists of the People's Assembly of East Asia consisting of elected members from the Neo-Socialist Party of East Asia and other approved political organisations.

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