East Sahara Social Democratic Party
Arabic name شرق الصحراء الحزب الديمقراطي الاشتراكي
Leader Ahmed Shafik
Chairperson Munwah Noura
Spokesperson Abdul Munwah
Preceded by Egyptian Social Democratic Party
Headquarters Cairo
Newspaper ESCDP Today

Liberalism Democracy

Political position Centre-Left
Official colours Orange
The East Sahara Social Democratic Party (ESCDP) (شرق الصحراء الحزب الديمقراطي الاشتراكي - Arabic) is a left liberal and social democratic party in Eastern Sahara, formerly the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, founded after the 2009 Egyptian Revolution after a marger between the Liberal Egyptian Party, and the Egpytian Democratic Party.

The ESCDP is the current ruling party of Eastern Sahara, with the current president Ahmed Shafik after the 2012 Elections in January, and was the first ruling political party of Eastern Sahara after its formation.