East Saharan Intelligence Bureau
شرق الصحراء مكتب المخابرات
670px-Eastern Sahara Intelligence
Seal of Esib
Agency overview
Formed January 2012
Preceding agency Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate
Jurisdiction Government of Eastern Sahara
Headquarters Cairo, Eastern Sahara
Agency executive Munwad Hasr

The East Saharan Intelligence Bureau (ESIB) (Arabic:شرق الصحراء مكتب المخابرات) sometimes known as Esib, is the main East Saharan intelligence agency responsible for providing national security intelligence, both domestically and internationally, with a large counter-terrorism focus.

Together with the Office of Military of Intelligence it is part of two agencies forming the East Saharan Intelligence Community.


ESIB was set up in Janaury 2012, as the re-incarnation of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, which was set up in 1954 by President Gamel Abdal Nasser. In Janaury 2012 Munwad Hasr was appointed as chairmen of the agency.

Current Status


One of Esib's main responsibilities in peace time is counter-terrorism acitivites, which include patrols, security and sometimes phone-tapping. Major centres for a threat include Cairo, Khartoum, and resort areas such as Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Israeli Espionage

Many Israeli Spies have been captured and imprisoned in the Eastern Sahara since the beginning of 2012, even after the peace treaty in 1979. Eastern Sahara has vowed not to commit espionage against Israel.

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