Western Criollatina
Criollatina Oriental
Number of speakers 50 million (native)
75 million (total)
Spoken in Flag of the Ponant Ponant

The Eastern Kriollatina or Ilinense is a language belonging to Criollatina languages which are all spoken in the Ponant. The western dialect of Criollatina is spoken by more than 50 million peoples, mainly in the Eastern part of the Ponant.

The eastern dialect is the most spoken among Criollatina dialects. Intercomprehension with Spanish and Catalan are possible, even if intercomprehension with the latter language is quite difficult in some domains. Despite his similarity with Spanish language, it is classified as a language on its own.

Birth of Criollatina

From the 17th century to the 19th century, many European migrants came to the Ponant in order to have a better life. The dominant language of the Ponant was then Spanish, which was spoken by the educated classes, and then which was used as well in written documents as in religious life.

The Criollatina language started to have its weight in the eighteenth century, when the Kindfom of Lemuria imposed Criollatina, the vernacular language as official langauge instead of spanish language. In the vernacular language the Book of Rights and Duties has been written. As there was no official regulation of the language, each region had its own manner to write the language.

The unique vernacular language which was spoken throughout the country fragmented into many dialects which was written following their own manner. Later, in the late eighteenth century, the grammarian Juan Campolion classified those manner of writing the Criollatina into three categories of areas : the Western, the Central and the Eastern ; that classification is still relevant today.

Phonetic mutations

The eastern Criollatina dialect remained conservative in regards of phonetic mutation. But it has maintained all phonetic mutations of common Criollatina :

Consonants combinations
Castillan → Criollatina
nv mb
nf mp
ns nts
j h
Castillan → Criollatina
-ancia -anz
-ad/id/ud -az/iz/uz
-ado/ido -ao/io

Difference between Eastern Criollatina and Spanish

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