The Eastern Sahara Navy is the maritime branch of the Eastern Sahara Armed Forces. It is the largest navy in Africa and the Arab World, and is the ninth largest in the world measured by the number of vessels. The navy's missions include protection of more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, defense of approaches to the Suez Canal, and support for army operations.

Fleet Operations

The navy's main operational subdivisions are the Frigate, Corvette, Submarine, Mine Warfare, Missile Boat, and Coastal Patrol Boat commands. Commanding the naval forces is Vice Admiral Moheb Memish.

Air Coverage

The navy lacks its own air arm and depends on the Eastern Sahara Air Force for maritime reconnaissance and protection against submarines. The Egyptian Air Force equipment that supports the navy includes the following:*9 Gazelle, used for naval shore reconnaissance.

  • 10 Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite (with 3 additiona used as spares), armed with Anti submarine torpedoes.
  • 5 Westland Sea King helicopters mounted with antiship missiles and antisubmarine torpedoes.

Current Fleet


  • 4 Oliver Hazard Perry Class
  • 2 Knox Class Frigates
  • 2 Jinaghu Type 053H Najm el Zapher Class
  • 1 Koni Class

Submarine Force

  • 4 Romeo Class
  • 4 Kilo Class


  • 2 El Suez Class (Descubierta Class)

Attack Crafts

  • 9 Osa I Class
  • 5 Tiger Type 148 class
  • 6 Ramadan Class
  • 4 October Class
  • 5 Hegu Class

Coastal Defense/Patrol

  • 8 Hanain Class
  • 6 Shershen Class
  • 4 Shanghai II Class

Amphibious Forces

  • 9 Vydra Class Landing Craft
  • 8 Seafox Class Landing Craft

Anti-Mine Vessels

  • 6 T43 Fleet Minesweepers
  • 4 Yurka Fleet Minesweepers
  • 2 Osprey Coastal Mine Hunters
  • 3 Swiftships Coastal Mine Hunters
  • 2 Swiftships Inshore Route Survey Vessels
  • 4 Tuima class, converted to Minelayer boats
  • 3 Pluto Plus Underwater Unmanned Vehicles
  • 4 swiftships inshore run missile


  • 6 Okhtenskiy Ocean Tug
  • 8 Toplivo II Coastal Tankers
  • 1 Replenishment oiler A230 Shalatein

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