• Growing security concerns in Sudan lead to talks of a union with Egypt, although then president Omar Al-Bashir was against terms put across by the Egyptian government.
  • July - Omar Al-Bashir President of Sudan arrested for war crimes, under order of Egyptian's President Mohamed Hafez. Leadership of Sudan falls into Vice President Taha, who agreed to the union.
  • October - November - Talks of union finalised, and the two countries were ready for almagation. The news causes minor riots throughout Sudan and Egypt. Muhamed Hussein Hafez is intalled as interim president until elections.


  • January - First elections of the new Eastern Sahara, Ahmed Shafik is elected first president.
  • July 1 - Southern Sudan invades the disputed territory of Abyei.
  • July 11 - Southern Sudan pushed out of Abyei.
  • August 30 - Vote held on sovereignity of Abyei, citizens vote to be part of Eastern Sahara. Relations between Eastern Sahara and Southern Sudan sour.


  • December - Eritrea comes into mass financial difficulties, and its government collapses, Eastern Sahara annexes the country.


  • Eastern Sahara becomes the dominant power in Africa, with its quickly rising economy and GDP.
  • Eastern Sahara Air Force obtains its first ET-32 'Firefly' from Evergreen Technologies in the United Commonwealths.




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